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Friday, November 21, 2014

Plaid + Sweater & Liz Phair

I was supposed to wear a completely different outfit, but like on Monday, this outfit took precedence. I decided on this one because it's a PT Friday in ROTC, and I didn't want to get all dolled up today to have to get undressed and ruin my hair for PT. 

This girl walked up to me today and asked me if I was really smart. I was like "Uh that depends on the subject. I'm not great at math." She said she wasn't either, and when I told her about my struggles with Algebra, she was surprised that I was a senior. Then she went on to tell me she thought I might have been a foreign exchange student, but she'd seen me at the school last year too. I asked her what country she would have thought I came from and she said "Guam, maybe?" I decided not to point out that Guam is part of America. It sounds like she was an idiot, but the experience was actually very sweet. I think she was nervous and really wanted to talk to me, because she'd seen me around. It's odd to know people watch you or are interested in you, especially people you didn't know existed. Her name was Ariana. 

Here are the mating habits of the American hipster.

When I was nine, I had friends who loved the TV series Charmed. I bought the album and fell in love with the song "Take a Look" by Liz Phair, an American singer who's distinctly not popular.


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