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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pattern Clash & Marble Sounds

So I bought this shirt the other day--and these days, plaid shirts are hella popular and by default, hella expensive--because I had extra money and I desperately wanted this black and white plaid. When I got it, the packaging was so hard to open, I had to use a Navy Seal SOG on it. When I got it open at long last, the first thing I saw was a bit of hair and lint on the shirt. 
What a boner slayer.
I wanted to wear this particular outfit today, but the shirt was in no condition to wear, so I took a lint roller to it and hand washed it. It still smelled like some guy's house, but a bit of perfume did the trick.

The back of the shirt says "Free the Noise."

I'm glad I'm in a school that is respectful to the outcasts and oddities (like myself). Or maybe I'm just remarkably unobservant and they're all laughing at me behind my back. Or maybe we're all radicals of like mind, and so I'm just another misfit among many. Either way, if I were going to another school, I might have been teased for this outfit. For most of my outfits. I've heard freshmen say "Ya'know, high school isn't as bad as they show on TV" and I've always thought "Um, there are and have been schools that are exactly like they show on TV, and worse." 
Our school is a nice one. I'm grateful. 

Not me. I've always loved sweaters, vegetables, mom driving me places and laundry because my clothes are ALWAYS DIRTY.

Okay. Now I'm going to share something very close to my heart.
When I was about thirteen, maybe younger, I realized something.
Rod Serling. Was a god.
And it was all downhill from there. Soon enough, Fonzie was my celebrity boyfriend, Wednesday was my idol, I'd skip school to watch Fresh Prince, and the rest is history. I'd had more than my share of exposure to silent films and old, old classics and the like. But Rod Serling has a special compartment in my heart. He was a screenwriter and producer best known for the creepy pastas of the 50s, which spawned Goosebumps, The Museum, Fact or Fiction, Tales of the Crypt, and so many more television anthologies. 
Has your mind made the jump yet?
Twilight Zone. I'm talking about The Twilight Zone. 
The first episode I really paid attention to is "Eye of the Beholder."
And just for you, I found this episode.
Hold your applause please, I know you're stoked. 

So if you ever meet me in real life, know that it is very common of me to randomly interject in a conversation and blurt in a horrified, surprised voice, "IT'S A COOKBOOK!"

The band I'm featuring is Belgian, and they're so minute in America that their wikipedia page is in some German dialect. There's not much to say about them besides they have beautiful music.
Here's the Marble Sound's "A Time to Sleep."


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