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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Indian Summer & Making April

I was hurting today. I had no inspiration on what to wear, and I didn't want to wear this. I'm glad I did though, it's an outfit that's been waiting long enough. It's been so warm lately, given the lateness of the year, it'd be inexcusable not to take advantage of the heatwave.

I usually pick my outfits in the evening, so I can just pull them on my unresponsive body in the morning while I lay in bed, thus prolonging my bedtime (albeit an unorthodox way).
Also, usually I can't wear my hair down two days in a row, because after sleeping on it, it looks gross. But today it was acceptable. 

Sometimes I go back to old posts. It's good to see your growth, though sometimes embarrassing. I don't delete any bad pictures/outfits, or correct spelling errors or anything, or get rid of vids I posted multiple times. Because I feel like that's me trying to hide what I did, like I'm ashamed of who I was, when there's nothing to be ashamed of. The only thing I found so far that I don't like is my excessive swearing. I think swearing is crude, really, though sometimes the situation does warrant a curse.
You know, when you stub that toe? No other word besides F*CK truly encapsulates that feeling.
It's not a good habit and it's immature besides, and I've done it too often, when the word could easily be replaced. In reality, I almost never swear--I like 'biscuits and gravy,' 'cheese and crackers' and 'fudge' very much. But in writing... it all just comes out.

This is actually a real recording of what they talked about on the space station. 

Here's some slam poetry. 

Here's a classic alternative-rock band (don't ask, I don't know how those things are supposed to go together) I found when I was, like... thirteen. I've never heard their other music, but I really liked this song and I haven't listened to it in so long. 
Here's Making April's "These Are the Nights."


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