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Monday, November 10, 2014

Goldenrod & Bitch

So I saw Fight Club for the first time ever.
Such a fantastic movie. I started watching it two years ago, but it was 20 min in and still monologing so I threw in the towel. Then afterwards I wanted to watch World War Z, which doesn't make sense since it was a terrible movie. But I realized the reason I wanted to watch it again was because it had Brad Pitt. Every time I see a movie with him in it, I'll get obsessed for a week. It happened a few months ago, when I watched Benjamin Button again, and I was all hung up on him.
He's a really good actor. And he's pretty. Let's not forget that.

I was supposed to wear a dress today, but I desperately wanted to be able to prop my legs open as wide as I pleased, so I wore leggings instead. 

I found a blogger recently who wears hideous clothes but makes them look beautiful. She's German, so it's no wonder her vintage style makes me think of a 50s Europe (except maybe without the fascism). She wears a lot of dark colors, but earthy ones too--burgundy, charcoal, butterscotch, evergreen, navy, browns. She's got grungy, floral-and-ripped-lace flare to it, worn hems and dirty boots and wool socks, and lots of gypsy and peasant clothes. She makes them look so pretty and effortless.

Here's a weird video.

What's that, you say?
Tired of oldies and underground bands no one's ever heard of?
I see. Then here's some Meredith Brooks to even the scales.


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