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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fur Trim Cape & Red Death Ball

Good outfit, this one. I've owned this cape for well over a year now, but I've only worn it a few times. 
I had a doctor's appointment early that day, so school was cut short. My doctor was checking up on my feet. If you ask me, the man really wants to try his surgery skills to fix my feet. 
Whenever I see him, he's like "Well, you can do physical therapy, or these stretches, or this foot brace, or I can do suuuuuuurgery" and then talks about cutting my feet open for five minutes. 

Today, I decided I don't like my friend's boyfriend. For months I wrestled with myself in whether or not I approve of him, because he's mature and amuses me and he's not an idiot, and he seems nice enough. But I was irritated because she ignores me when he's around, and he makes her idle, and she acts very dependent around him and it bothers me. But I realized that she used to ignore me for this other group of people she met last year, and I decided it would be unfair to dislike her boyfriend when he's only the catalyst to the inevitable. But then today he mockingly got angry at me and told me to get away from her, and led her away (but I followed, because she and I were supposed to go somewhere). Then he kind of shoved me when I was touching her backpack and told me not to bother her, and when I tried to ask her a question, he started kissing her to distract her.
Uh. Excuse me? Jealous much? If so, I don't think he realizes that a) I love her in a different way, and b) he's got a lot to catch up on, considering he's known her for three months and I've known her for eight years. 
But I won't get into it too much. I avoid them when they're together, on principle, just because I don't feel like being a third wheel and they're wrapped up in each other. If I'm being honest, he frequently uses physical affection to distract her from me. And I didn't tell her how his "teasing" made me feel, because I think she would defend it. 

Here's a 20 min vid a called "Love Is All You Need" or "Heterophobia." It inspired me to write Kiss It All Better.

So one night I was laying in bed listening to all my awesome renaissance and medieval music and I realized how little of that I've shared. So here's Hana Pestle's "Red Death Ball" inspired by Edgar Alan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death. It's like a Russian nesting doll really, because this song in turn inspired my own story The Crimson Death, which I hope to work on more after I finish Monsters. 

Here's a random song I wanted to share because it sounds mysterious and cool. It makes me think of the game Fable, an open world fantasy game that I really liked when I was younger.
"Marcus," by George Shaw.


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