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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bluegrass & Just the Two of Us

Sorry I forgot to post on Monday. I've been way in over my head with writing. I'm trying to finish a deadline on my novel, to send out query letters sometime in January. Seems like the perfect time, since it's the start of the new year.

So I started a new workout on Monday, nothing crazy intricate, but it's got my inner thighs KILLING ME. It's a good pain though, it's a pain that says I'm out of shape somewhere and I can improve if I work hard.

Here's a mildly disturbing compilation of anti-meth videos.

So I chose Grover Washington Jr.'s "Just the Two of Us," because it's an R& B classic and I like that song. Although, I get confused about if it's Bill Withers or Washington's song. Oh, well.


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