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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sequin Crop & Come Undone

Sorry I didn't post for so long. Internet's been shit. But hey, that means more posts this weekend.

When I first bought this crop top from ebay, it was based on a stupid decision. I hadn't checked the size or anything, so I'm lucky that though its a medium, the brand runs small. It fits perfectly, luckily. 

As for the shorts, I bought them on AliExpress for chump change. I did it as a consolation, as I thought I'd lost another pair of shorts (the ones I wore last week, with the Nirvana tee). 
This was a super fun day. I ditched working out to scrap book with some friends, then we ditched our scrap book group to go get coffee, then I ditched them. I drank so much coffee I felt sick for hours afterward. I think I overdo coffee when I get it because I don't get it very often.

This outfit was a lot cuter in theory than practice, in my opinion. It just didn't feel cute. I mean, it was cute, but it didn't feel that way. I think that's because most of that day, I wore my chunky blue cardigan, thus obscuring said outfit. I just get so cold and that sweater is so, so comfy. Dirty, but comfy.

Here's one of my first inspirations to start this blog last year, Anikka. 
I used to love her outfits. They were vintage and cute, but sophisticated. But as she got older, she's made it her point to dress more and more like a little girl. I still follow her, but not as avidly as I used to. Now I'm hooked on Luanna Perrez.

I didn't know what to feature. But I decided Vanessa Carlton would work.
A lot of people know her because she wrote "A Thousand Miles." But what they don't know is that she's a Russian Jew, and that she is as passionate about ballet as music. That she became roomates with a group of people and had tons of fun, give her virginity to a boy too soon and regrets it still, and their friendship broke up not long after school ended. That her dream was to have a big family,  a house with a white picket fence and a generally perfect life. That's because she puts a lot of her life's story and dreams and desires into her lyrics. I actually fell in love with her song "White Houses," but soon after found "Come Undone," a short poem/song that I find really catchy.
Here's "Come Undone."


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