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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Plaid Dungarees & Bigger Than Us

I wore this Monday, but I'm a little behind on my outfits. 
I told myself I wouldn't buy any dunagrees for the insane average price of 20 dollars, but I was at the mall in June and had money so that went out the window. 

I got some heels recently (which I didn't pay for myself) that are real heels. Like, six inch platform hooker heels. The heels all the sophomore girls wear to prom until they realize how much they hurt. And the second they were on my feet I realized I didn't like them. I mean, they're really cute, but I could already feel what parts of my foot would behind hurting. You can wear four inch heels and get the same sleek-leg look and similar height for less than half the pain.

This is a really close fit around the hips. So if I decide to gain ten pounds, these won't be fitting around my love handles.

From the youtube series "The ABCs of Death" is this video called "T is for Toilet." 
The video is really creative, in a morbid way. 
But it is extremely, grotesquely graphic. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Now just a day ago I featured Tears for Fears, who we all know from their depressing song "Mad World." But today I want to introduce White Lies, an English "post-punk" band originally called Fear of Flying. What makes them and Tears for Fears so similar is their style of music as well as singing. Honestly, the singers sound remarkably alike. Tears for Fears found more success than White Lies, but then again The Matrix found more fame than Equilibrium, and Grease more fame than Beach Blanket Bingo. It all depends on when they come out. What can you do, right?
The song I found is called "Bigger Than Us," and this is just soooo epic. Get some really great skullcandies to listen to this, because it sounds tight.


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