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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pencil Dress & Sarah Blasko

Sorry about my horrendous hair. It really is inexcusable. 


--Marilyn Monroe

I'll include two videos, since one of these videos is so short.
From the movie Lawrence of Arabia, there is a very brief quote that--if taken out of context--can sound like a life motto. It's actually a quote that's gotten me through some harder times.

Here's ten things girls notice that guys don't realize.

Today I chose Sarah Blasko. Miss Blasko, an Australian citizen but of German (and I suspect Russian) background, has been in plenty duos and bands, but is currently solo. My favorite song by her is "Perfect Now." It's such a pretty song, but I remember last year there were times it was hard to listen to this song, because things in my life were so not perfect. 
But on a sunny day when you're feeling good already, this song takes you even higher.


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