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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Indie Hippie & Deliver Me

This hippie getup was not supposed to turn out this way. I didn't mean for it to go this far.
So I added fishnet tights in the hope that this, if anything, might redeem me. 

I tried, very reasonably, to explain to my mother why Wednesday (today) was a good day not to go to school. Since I go to a school that's not in my zone (and I refuse to pay for a zone exemption), I have to commute around 40 miles a day to and from. Because of parent-teacher conferences, today and tomorrow are half days. I don't have a full schedule, so today I've only got two classes, and I really don't think it's worth the gas to go to school today.  
Both aforementioned classes I can afford to miss, especially because I know what we're doing in those classes and I'm not going to miss anything. But my mother insisted I come today, and I'm tired of fighting, so damn tired, so I just brought my laptop and have been in the library ever since. I get why she made me come, she doesn't want me missing days if I can help it, but dude? I have all As, I hardly ever skip, I'm never sick, and there are students who do half as well as I do, and they graduate just fine. There are students who never come to school, or just leave whenever they please, and they are not suffering. I know because I'm friends with people like that. 
But whatever. I got a modified version of what I wanted. 

I bought these sweet butterfly earrings from Czech republic. There are some from Thailand that are real butterfly wings, but I get the feeling those butterflies were poached, if the word can be supplied regarding insects.

Here's some toothpaste art by some guy. 

Today is one of my childhood favorites, Sarah Brightman, and English classic soprano singer. She's practically a polyglot, all the languages she can speak. She acted in the original play of Phantom of the Opera as Christine. She is one of the world's best selling sopranoists of all time. She also had a part in the 2011 Fright Night (which by the way was a fantastic vampire movie), and is currently training to go to the International Space Station next year, which if you ask me is really weird because she's just an entertainer, but if you can afford it, why the hell not?
She was advertised on Pure Moods with her song "Deliver Me," which I heard back when I was first learning to tie my shoes. 


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