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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goldenrod Pleated Blouse & The Lumineers

I remember last year I wore heels almost every day (or so my subjects tell me).
But I tried to wear these today and I couldn't do it. I changed into boots after three hours. 

This croptop used to be a mandarin blouse. But I re-tailored it.
The collar sucks ass and swallows, because I needed help with it and when I asked my mother for help, she basically took over the project and proceeded to tell me why I'm a bumbling idiot with a shitty attitude and never listen to what she says because I've 'always got my own program running'. I tried to tell her the collar was wrong (not that she did it wrong, but I did and I wanted to correct it) but she just got angrier. SO. Thus the collar sucks ass.

I actually don't like animal print, but my mom bought these tights and I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I decided to wear them. And what do you know! They're not half bad. 

Here's a silly little Schnauzer who fainted from joy of seeing his owner after two years. 

I found The Lumineers long before anyone knew they existed. Like Imagine Dragons. Like half a dozen other bands. It was around when I was getting into indie and folk bands. Then after "Ho Hey" everyone was into it. For some reason, when I hear that song I think of Chris McCandless, getting out of a hitched ride and looking up at the vast, purple and fushia mountain he's about to brave.


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