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Friday, October 17, 2014

From Dressy to Grunge & Sweet Tangerine

This dress (yes, it's a dress) is an item that can make any outfit instantly fancy. A cardigan, a blazer, any additional item only seems to make it more dressy. But put on a chambray, layer the chains and earrings and some punk creepers and it's suddenly borderline grunge.

Here's a companion to The Sad Cat Diary.
The Sad Dog Diary. 

I don't think I've ever featured The Hush Sound.
They're an indie rock band that can really confuse you, because sometimes they have a girl (Greta) singing and sometimes a guy (Bob) with a really deep sexy voice. With the change of singer comes a change in genre. I love both those singers and their style, but I have to say I prefer Bob, since his voice is just so friggin' sexy. I mean, you have good singers, admirable singers, then you've got singers who seduce you with their voice. Like Shane Koyczan, who has a super sexy melodic voice that decieves you into thinking he's attractive.
Anyway, here's a song with Bob singing "Sweet Tangerine."

It's not the best video, but it has the best audio.

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