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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Coral Shorts & Anna Sun

I know my posts have been maddeningly inconsistent, but that's because uncontrollable variables like being busy or the internet down for the night. So here's two posts in one day.

I truly adore these shorts. They feel great and look great and UGH. I added the Nirvana tee because it makes it more edgy. This whole outfit made me feel like I'd just climbed out of bed, which is probably because the bright colors of the shorts make me think of pajamas. 
I actually don't wear the blue sweater with everything, it's just that I wear it when I go outside because it's hella cold. 

I figured something out recently, about weight. People correlate weight to age. Example: a man who's fit and lean will be, at first glance, assumed to be in his twenties, at the oldest. I found that people assume I'm a freshmen or something because I'm not very big, but I really can't blame them. When I see heavier people, I usually assume they're older too. 

Supernatural started yesterday! 
I'm so happy. I mean, the episode wasn't that great, but it's still good to see the boys again. 
Only I wish they'd stop taking death so seriously. I mean, Dean and Sam have died numerous times. And has that stopped them from coming back, unbidden? Certainly not. 

I really don't feel like featuring this video, but it's been on my youtube favorites list for too long.
It's a new-ish Russian inspired dance that's really bad on your joints and looks stupid without music.

I don't think this song is the best for this outfit, but I can't think of a better one, and I've wanted to feature this song ever since I started this blog.
It's a popular song, but what the hell, it's a good one. 
I want to tell you all sorts of things you didn't know about Walk the Moon before, but they're really not that interesting. Music's good, though.
"Anna Sun."


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