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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Down Day & Until June

So I dressed down today because I had a doc's appointment, plus I expected to have to meet with my new recruiter, and as first impressions are often the last ones, I wanted him to view me as practical and responsible. Ergo, no fishnets, spikes, chains or band tees. That doesn't mean I had to look boring or fake, but just toning down the visual is beneficial since it means he'll let me do what I damn well please rather than put me under the microscope like a brash, impulsive, overgrown toddler. 
But in the end, I didn't see him, so. 

I went to the doc and he recommended for, my shin splints and overpronation, physical therapy and at-home exercises with bands. I mostly needed an excuse note from him so next weekend I won't have to do the running portion of the physical test for the test out. He knew this, and you could almost smell the reluctance on him, but he acquiesced (to an extent, albeit) and I'm out of the woods, so to speak.

In other news, my blithering scatter-brain of a language arts teacher brought up something interesting, among her rambling. Apparently there's a young writer's conference in conjunction with the Writer's Guild in Anchorage next month and I am PSYCHED to go! It's free, it's got food involved, we're gonna talk about writing and they're gonna teach us some literative badassery and it's gonna be sooooooooo great. 
(note to self: if it sucks ass and swallows, I'm going to cry)
So overall, today was good. More than good, really. 

I bought these fake gages and they're super light weight, easy to put in and cool looking. 

So I found a whole bunch of 3D tats I wanted to share. 

This one below is actually a scar tattoo. Some people get nasty or unseemly scars and cover/enhance them by tattooing over the scar tissue.

The video I chose is a very sober one. 
Until Linda died, I didn't think about domestic violence much. I mean I did, but in bursts. It wasn't part of my world, so I didn't put excessive thought into it. But of late, I've been reading a lot about it. Not sure why. Part of it is criminology, constantly telling us to evaluate our relations, since 50+ percent of people are killed by people they knew. 
 But enough about me. Here's a domestic violence campaign video, very short, very powerful. 

My music choice warred between Until June and Meredith Brooks. Until June won.
They're an alternative rock band that never got too popular. 
The song I chose is called "You Do." For me, it evokes certain emotions in me, partially because when I heard it the first time, I was reading the very last chapter of The Deathly Hallows, 19 years after the battle of Hogwarts. It makes me think of January mornings, pearls of water caught in spiderwebs, a busy trolley of milling folk, saying hello to new beginnings and goodbye to old pasts. 
Renewal and optimism. 
Here's the song.


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