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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wolfsong & Thunderstruck

Very sleepy right now, so if there's anything interesting to mention in this post, I won't be mentioning it.

Very happy with this outfit. I would have tucked in the shirt more, but it just bunches up in the skirt. 
I felt a squick like a school girl, especially with the way my creepers clacked on the floor. A rebellious school girl.

I was so psyched to get this tee shirt that I cut it up with a pair of kitchen shears :D 

Here's an animated video called "Wolfsong."

It's hard wearing these type of band tees in a world where many women put them on for aesthetics and less for love of the music. Of course I do it for both, but I find I get a lot of people trying to subtly test me to see if I know anything about the bands I don.
But it's unnecessary. I'm a devout ACDC fan.

In honor of my band tee, here's one of my favorite songs by ACDC.


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