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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ripped Reds & Looking for Freedom

I love these pants. The way they look, the way they fit, everything. They're flattering without being tasteless, and I swear I could sleep in them. 

I bought them back in June at Hot Topic. I don't even remember how much they cost. 46, I think? I just remember looking at the size and saying "yes" to my inner child.

The vest is a small, but it's still too big. I swear nothing fits my torso.
But the thing of it is, the vest turns the outfit from punk to... I don't know, something less intense. And all day I've been walking around with Noah and the Whale blaring from my iPod in my pocket, so.

When I was layering my necklaces today, I was thinking of Linda. She always wore too many necklaces.

"Top 8 Beauty Trends Men Hate"

It would make sense to feature a song by Jimi Jendrix, since I'm wearing his shirt. But I actually don't listen to Jimi Hendrix. I'm sorry. I thought I knew one song by him. But this seems like a very good place to feature a song by Eleyna Boynton and Anthony Hamilton. I feel like it's a cover, but I can't find an original artist. It was featured on the soundtrack of Quentin Terrintino's Django. The song, "Looking for Freedom," is incredibly powerful to me. From the clapping to the passion in their voices, the haunting chorus vocals in the background. It makes me think of how slaves used to gather around the campfire after a day of laboring for the white man, and they'd sing and commune together, often songs of praise. Many praise songs were by slaves, but Catholics and Mormons and other religions claimed them. 

Linda said she hated Django. Thought it was stupid.
I'll stop talking about her, someday. Someday. 

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