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Friday, September 19, 2014

Persian Skirt & Little Lion Man

I hadn't worn this skirt yet. So today I discovered that it was designed for no-booty-babes. It's tight enough so it doesn't ride terribly, but short enough to make you conscious of yourself.

 I've been excited for this outfit all week. The skirt makes me think of a Persian rug. 

"Top 25 Worst Things Ever" 

I found this article written on why the term "hipster" is no longer valid, and since I self-identify in some ways with the hipster community, I found it interesting. 
Also it had some amazing urban imagery.

The band I've chosen is a British folk rock group. They've been compared to Noah and the Whale and Johnny Flynn by many. Their lyrics are very poetic and unique. They have an album from Shakespeare called "Much Ado About Nothing," pieces of Macbeth, paraphrased lines from The Odyssey, Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath. These guys really, really like the literary classics. 
Of the song I'm featuring, Critics believe the song is based on a monologue from Chretien de Troyes' Yvain, the Knight of the Lion. It's a story of a knight who loses his shit and goes crazy after breaking a promise to his wife to return to her.
The band is Mumford & Sons.  
The song is "Little Lion Man."


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