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Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday & The Broken Bride

It really isn't fair trying to pass this off as an outfit. I just didn't know what to wear today. I woke up from a short sleep feeling cold, so I didn't want to wear a skirt. My follicles itch from shaving recently, so I also gagged at the thought of tights. I wanted to wear a sweater and be comfy but I wanted to look good so I put on my plaid :B it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Hint: Those church benches are called "pews"

"Sad Cat Diary"

I downloaded a bunch of music last night, including more by Ludo.
I'd already had a mini-series of Ludo's songs on my youtube account, because several years ago I found the mini-series and didn't like it but knew that one day I would. And what do you know? I've come to love the five-part mini-series, which is around 35-40 min total. 
The mini-series album is called The Broken Bride. I believe it was inspired by The Time Machine's plot. The first one, which is the main song, is about a man whose wife is killed in a car crash and he spends 15 years building a flux capacitor (i.e. time machine) to go back in time and save her. But the machine malfunctions and sends him prehistoric times--he escapes from dinosaurs to hide in a cave. In the second part, he's decided to chance the raptors and pterodactyls to get to the time machine. The third skips forward to the apocalypse, where a boy is urging a mayor to save the city that is being besieged by zombies--and King Simius, a kind of antichrist, is promising to save them all by summoning a dragon that will obey only him. In the fourth part, the time machine guy (called "The Travler") goes to the end of time, the apocalypse where the zombies and King Simius are, sees the death and destruction around him, and he has to make a decision to sacrifice the machine to save the lives of millions, or let them die to save his wife. 
In the end, he uses the machine to stop the dragon and King Simius. I guess some celestial beings show up, and confused at his broken heart, they inquire and he tells them of his wish to have saved his wife. So they send him back to that day, the last one he spent with his wife, and instead of preventing her death, he decides to join her in it.

What I love about the music, despite how fast he sings, is the lyrics are waxen, man. Look them up! They have this rap-rock style to them, or a wild-west twang to them, and the last one has a classical, nostalgic tune. They're palpable. I love the metaphors and comparisons and grisly descriptions they include. Great album. Magnificent. 
So I'll put all five parts below, but by no means do you have to watch them all.
I mean, I would if I were you. But I'm obsessed right now, so I'm biased. 

Part I: The Broken Bride

Part II: Tonight's the Night 

Part III: Save Our City

Part IV: The Dragon & The Lamb

Part V: Morning In May 

Well, I enjoyed it, anyway. 

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