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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Malling & Capital Cities

This is an outfit I wore back in June, but I forgot to post it, so...
It didn't help that it wasn't a very interesting outfit. 

On this day a friend took me rafting on the local scenic lake, which was very fun until the wind came in. The sun was glittering on the lake and the mountain looked like a painting pushed flat against the dome of the side of the planet. Rafting back was hard and cold, and the waves kept reversing our progress, but it was fun and I'd do it all again. Afterward, I took that same friend malling downtown, and between the two of us we spent six hundred dollars.
Bought a lot from Hot Topic, and some hippie/summery things from Wet Seal. I hope one day to be able to guiltlessly afford something from Urban Outfitters and Free People. Their line is so earthy and organic, but so friggin' pricey.

I'm ashamed I temporarily abandoned my thrift-shop values, but even though I only got a couple bags of things, the quality of them and the fun of knowing I could finally buy brands that are usually out of my league (Wet Seal, Banana Republic, Pac Sun) was worth the price. Of course, my friend is utterly loyal to female stereotypes and took forever to shop at American Eagle and Aerie, it wasn't so bad once we went to stores I was more willing to shop from. Because honestly? I refuse to buy from stores that expensive unless there's a 70% off sale going on. I only get their merch from a thrift shop/flea market/yard sale, or when someone gives them to me. It's a very easy route to take, being cheap, because I own a shit ton of AE and Aerie and have never, ever shopped there myself.
Anyway. Twas a fun day, and this is the outfit I wore.

We also ran into this really big, really black, really high dude. He would have been funny if he was less creepy. He called us "youngens." Or maybe it's "young'ones"? Not sure. Still creepy.

Here's a vine I found hilarious.
"Never Catch a Thug Offguard."

Today's music is from an American indie pop duo who we may all have heard on the radio of late, some time or another. Capital Cities!
And if you don't like them, now's a good as time as any to get out of dodge. I promise you won't be missing anything.
Here's "Safe and Sound."


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