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Monday, September 8, 2014

Lipstains & Il y a

I took a nap right after exercising today, mercy me, so I am droooooooowsy.

I want to think of something to say about this outfit, but I'm wasted with lethargy.

Here's an informative video by Good Mythical Morning called "Why We Look Like Our Spouse."

I have no desire to methodically pick the day's music, The first song that comes to mind is Vanessa Paradis's "Il y a."
First, Paradis is a French singer who started her career young and it did not take well to her. She looks like a little girl, in the earliest pictures, even though she's clearly a grown woman. But over time--and not that much of it--drugs and alcohol abuse have made her age without grace.
But she sounded nice, anyway.
The song is entirely in French. The phrase Il y a is considered one of the most important French phrases. I used to think that meant philosophically, but they literally need that phrase to speak many sentences. The part 'il' means 'it'. 'y' means 'there' and 'a' is 'to have', in third person singular present tense. I used to know what it all meant together, but I don't, and honestly? I don't find myself heartbroken about it. 
So here's the song. 

Sooooooo wrecked, bro. You don't even know.

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