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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hi-Lo Dress & Jose Gonzalez

I actually made this dress, based on a Forever21 design I saw and couldn't afford when I was 16. 

I bought this men's sweater at a thrift store because I don't know. It was so soft and still had the tag. 

Neil Hillborn poetry, "OCD"

I felt very free, Friday when I wore this. It was probably because my hair and sweater were very unflattering, yet it gave me this sensation of rebelliousness, wildness. It's the same kind of feeling you get before throwing yourself off a cliff on your hang glider, or lean forward on your motorcycle going twenty miles past the speed limit, or jump into the middle of a mosh-pit. 
And I found just the song to match that feeling. 
"Step Out," Jose Gonzalez, Swedish indie-folk guitarist. 

I have a terrible affliction. They call it wanderlust
It's insatiable. There is no cure. If you don't medicate for it,
it will surely rot you from within.

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