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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Feminists & Foundations

I strongly dislike feminism. To me, it's boisterous, exaggerated and sees no reason. That's not to say that issues regarding female treatment do not exist, but they are blown out of proportion on the tongues of feminists. And honestly, men have got plenty of similar problems. But you didn't know that, did you? That's because men aren't always bitching about it.
But all the same, here's a really good rape poem. 
"Rape Poem to End All Rape Poems"

I wish they hadn't sworn so much. I mean, all the 'damns' and 'fucks' were completely unnecessary. 

So, after my rant about feminists, I'm going to feature a feminist song. When I was thirteen I was trying to write a story about dysfunctional relationships, so I looked up songs to inspire me and found Kate Nash, one of few English singers who keeps her accent when she sings. 


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