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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Farewell to Linda & My Morning Jacket

Today's been different.
It's September 11th, of course. My mom was ranting a little bit ago about people being melodramatic and crying today over things that happened a decade ago, but I halted her. For some, today is very painful. They lost a lot. In time, they will learn to deal with that pain, but it disappointed me in her insensitivity. Just because she didn't lose anyone on that day and she can't empathize doesn't mean everyone should suck it up.
Also, this morning the body of a friend of mine was found at Walgreens. 
I'd heard everyone jabbering about it this morning, and my pottery instructor said her name was Linda, that she'd been a former student and in choir, but it didn't add up in my head that she was Linda.
She was strangled.
We weren't that close, since she'd graduated a few years ago, so I hadn't seen her. That doesn't make it hurt any less. But she was incredibly unique, in her talents and interests, the pragmatic view she had of life. I wonder what she would have thought if she was told she'd die today. 
I keep thinking how wrong the murder was, not because it was murder, but because of how tiny she was. God, she was so small, barely a hundred pounds. I always thought she'd be eaten by one of her snakes. I'm sort of sad she won't be.

This isn't the best picture of her, but it was the last one. She really was very pretty. Her hair was curly when long. She hated it though, she was was convinced she was a man cursed to a woman's body. I wish she would have let it stay long, but well.

Here's today's outfit.

For the record, these pics were taken before I knew how tragic today would be.

In lighter news, Gerygone & Twig is in town on holiday. Not that that matters to anyone but me, but it makes me so happy to know that Rainy is only a handful of miles away. 

Here's some really vulgar black guys called the Hodge twins, addressing the many people who accuse them of not being black."

My friend being dead aside, I'm actually feeling pretty chipper.
How bitchy of me, right? But really, it makes no sense for me to change my life because someone I used to know made poor decisions about who she was dating. Not to speak ill of the dead, and she will be missed dearly, but this is how it is. I am expected to do all the things I was doing yesterday, and once the shock wears off, the world will move on. 
Because I'm feeling chipper, I'm choosing a chipper song.
Here's My Morning Jacket's "The Librarian."

In retrospect, maybe I picked this song because it does fit in with today.
Back when I was obsessed with Radiohead (long time ago, 'tis no more) I read a book inspired by "Creep", also called by that name. I was impressed because it was a female author and usually female authors suck at writing novels of that genre. It's about a woman who is kidnapped and tortured by her sociopathic ex boyfriend who is infatuated with her. And this song makes me think of a creepy guy who watches this quiet librarian through the stacks and fantasizes about her.
In a way, I guess that's not so far off the topic of Linda's death. 

EDIT: I found a video of Linda singing a song she sang back in 2011 and I thought I'd share it.


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