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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Burgundy & The Stones

I desperately want a Def Leppard tee. Like, so hard right now I can't even see straight.
The yearning shall pass, though. It shall pass.

So this dress I bought because it was adorable, but it turns out it's for pocket-sized humans and thus, it can't be worn as a dress the way it was meant. 

I was looking at indie photography online and I had this nostalgic flashback, but not a flashback because I don't think I've ever experienced it. They were these old, sapiac pictures, sort of indie and very vintage. It made me think of a girl sitting curled on the couch in a wool sweater and chunky ill-fitted socks, with a painted mug of steaming tea in hand and a messy bun, and wooden floors of a cabin and rain drizzling outside like the sky is weeping. It's a feeling that's so hard to describe. It's the feeling you get when you see something beautiful. Or when you meet a beautiful girl who isn't just beautiful on the surface--who you envy and are sure she has no idea how remarkable she is. It's a feeling that seldom graces me. It's a feeling I got when I saw Anikka's PineneedleCollective blog for the first time. And when I met Rainy Hastings. It's this feeling that aches just a bit because you can't be part of it, but calms you and makes you feel... quiet. 

I was originally going to post another video but I will postpone it because it just doesn't fit with the mood. But this video, "Dark Side of the Lense" is much more apt.

With this soft slowness that my mind has taken to within the last hours of this day, I've decided to feature Angus & Juilia Stone's song "All of Me." They're an Australian brother and sister who play indie-blues. 


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