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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bow Dress & Life In Mono

As you can tell by now, I'm posting daily. 
And today I had that vocal audition for the USAF, which was very, very different from what I was expecting. I was anticipating solemn faces, cold stares, sterile floors and a questioning room with a floodlight, to be honest. Or at least a state-of-the-art installation with systematic tests and whatnot, but it was all very laid back. They practically put me in a soundproof cardboard box to record, and they didn't synthesize my voice in the slightest. It was very brief, and I even had to remind them of the extemporaneous segment of the audition. I was very comfortable, and I'm confident I got the position. Even if I don't have this one in the bag, I spoke to some people in the job and they described a bit of what photojournalism is to me, and so that sounds a very attractive alternative. 

 All the same, I didn't choose this outfit for the audition. It just happened to be appropriate for the ocassion.
 Wish you could see my eyeshadow. It was tiiiiiiight. 
My only complaint for this outfit was that my recruiting officer, who picked me up to do the audition, had a really high truck, and I'm a short person, so it was awkward climbing into that monster. Plus, on military bases, I always feel childish and naive because of my height, and this outfit definitely didn't help. It's not that I was even remotely self-conscious, but I definitely was careful to make myself seem competent. Being short, cherub-faced with princess curls and a collared-dress makes one feel... girly. 

Today's pithy photos include...
 The only one I'm not familiar with is Camelot. 

For music. I desperately wanted to post one of Missy Higgins's newest songs, which has been on replay in my head since she released it. But I've been trying really hard to post old songs, ones I've known of for years.
Today's song is as old as it gets. From the music duo Mono, who (like Crystal Castles) has two band members, Virgo and Siobhan. Wicked names, huh? Mono was a British electronic/trip pop group of the 90s with a jazzy flare. They worked sometimes with Bjork and Massive Attack, and anyone familiar with them can definitely see the similarities in music manifestation. The song I'm featuring is their debut, "Life In Mono," which was incredibly popular on US radio stations and night clubs. I remember this song was on the trailer of the film adaption of Great Expectations. But it seems fame really didn't life up to their expectations, cuz by 2000 Siobhan had moved on to sing for Violet Indiana, thus fragmenting the duo. 
I remember the first time I heard this song was when my mother started buying Pure Moods back in the day (my mother's mother was a flower child, and my mother is a New Ager, much as she hates to admit) and "Life In Mono" was featured on I think Pure Moods II? Can't recall.
Anyway, here's a nostalgic song from my childhood.


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