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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vintagio & Thurston Harris

First day of school clothes. 
Just one more year, I tell myself. 
I really can't complain, however. I got almost every class I wanted this year--lots of extraneous courses, like photography, pottery, textile, which is more than I can say for last year. Of course I have classes I'd rather not--like criminology and US gov--but I'm too jazzed to care. 
Anyway, back to the outfit. 
I bid on another vest online, very impromptu, more because it was cheap and less because I wanted it. Then I got mad at myself when I won the bid a week later, thinking that I was too fast to buy it, because to me, that vest and the one in this picture looked too similar--and I hate having two of the same thing. But now that I'm wearing the vest, I can see the obvious differences between the two. 

This is actually an incredibly unique shirt. It's white and transparent, sheer, with graphic designs that have a sketch-like quality to them. But the resolution of this camera doesn't do the shirt justice, I'm afraid.

Random pics

Here's a short article clip on a student's final answer for a college class. 

Recently I saw the movie Trance (2013), with James McAvoy, whom for some reason I find inexplicably attractive. It's a psychological thriller and really stuck with me, even after the resolution. I think what made me watch it was that I was reading about Caravaggio prior to finding this movie. Anyway, here's the trailer.

I think it's rated R. It should be rated R. 
(holy cow. After editing this, I realize that trailer pic looks like McAvoy is getting butt raped. I promise that's not what's happening.)

As a reward for wasting your time, here's a clip of Russel Peter's stand up comedy (in NY, I think), which you may or may not enjoy. 

Sorry I can't seem to shut up. I'm just so stoked, you know? I'm finally getting my driver's license, I got almost all the classes I wanted, plus I've got an audition next week for broadcast journalism for the USAF. If I could finally move into an actual house I'd be about set, but I'll be patient. It all makes me feel very secure.
Originally, I was going to post some Joni Mitchell, but all the songs I have from her are just pitifully sad, and I'm not sad, so I don't want to feature a sad song. 
So I have a really popular (and old) song that no one can ever find because the lyrics are hard to understand. I'll give you a hint: It appeared on Matilda while she was telekenetically partying in her living room when her parents were away. No? There were CDs floating everywhere. Still no? 
Well, here's Thurston Harris's "Little Bitty Pretty One."

Hope your day's been as great as mine.

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