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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Urban Hipster & Seawolf

This outfit would be considered urban, given the casual practicality the creepers and vest add. It could be vintage because the shirt is red velvet (though with this damn camera and the lighting, you'd never know that). But the ripped shorts, hip chain, and yin/yang necklace, Star of David necklace and Chinese hemp choker give it a grunge flare. 

 I actually didn't do my hair. I just woke up and... and nothing. I left it that way. 
I planned on wearing grey tights, but I tore them up so bad, I wouldn't wear them even if I was a trashy prostitute. 

Daily photo feed

Mullet jokes. 

Here's another vid from The Elevator Show, a series of short comedy videos. There used to be a lot more and they used to be a lot funnier. They made a lot of new ones by other youtubers but with the same actors, but they're always dry humor or hard to understand. But here's one that's neither of those things. To find it on youtube, put in "That's What She Said w/ Charles Trippy"

For music, I chose a song I found on Being Human, which I'm currently rewatching because I started a few years ago and fell out of love with it. Plus, I'm still waiting for Hannibal and Supernatural to come back. I tried this new season of Teen Wolf and I couldn't stop laughing and it hurt, and I tried Dexter again, but I'm just not into it so much anymore. Anyway, in episode three or four the song "You're a Wolf" by Seawolf comes on and it's really catchy. 


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