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Friday, August 22, 2014

New Purse & Bang Bang

Another good day in the life. I was impatient all day, of course, since I hate digression during lectures. It's a waste of my time and I wish my classes would get to the point.

I found this handmade purse and I just adore it. Her face is a little ruddy, but it's still so unique.

 This fantabulous cameo ring here is my life.
 My day would have been better, but my mother has literally gotten on my last nerve. 
It's just that she's controlling in a lot of little ways, she never does what she says, she takes out her anger on other people, and she has a horrid habit of holding her animosity inside for a long time, and letting it explode all at once--and no matter whether her upsets are legitimate, I think it's plain rotten not to tell someone how you feel and then dump it all on them at once as a guilt trip (and then have the effrontery to think you have the right to it.) It's obnoxious and I simply can't feel remorse for a person who acts this way.
Some days I just feel so done with her, and this was one of those days.
And I know that tomorrow when I cool off, I'm going to hate myself for being angry at her. I'll think of what life would be like without her and want to take it all back. I know I'm going to want to delete every unkind word here and hug her so tight. Some mornings I wake up and want to cry because I love her so much, inexplicably. But that doesn't change how I feel right now. And right now?
I can't wait to move out. I love her to death, but she makes it so damn hard. Maybe a few years on my own will give me some perspective.

Here's some pictures. 

Here's a stand up comedy from Standup in Stilettos Comedy, Trish Suhr.

This song was originally performed by Cher, but I prefer the Nancy Sinatra's 1966 version. Here's "Bang Bang."


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