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Friday, August 29, 2014

Maxi Skirt & Nirvana

I wanted to wear this outfit for a while. But I started a pottery course and sitting at the wheel means I need to spread my legs. I wasn't sure how to make that work with this maxi skirt. But since I've found a way, here it is. 

Since I've made a habit of it, this video is part one of a youtube series called "Psycho Girlfriend." I only saw the first few, but apparently there are whole seasons. The acting is very good and flows naturally and it's boldly funny. Or at least, I felt that way when I found it like five years ago. 

I know Nirvana is by no means a new band, but until recently, I didn't know their music. I'd heard of them, but that's not the same. My recent infatuation with the 90s has made me adore Nirvana, among others. And anyway, I'm wearing their tee, so in honor of, here's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," by you know who.
Not Voldemort. I mean Nirvana. Not You-Know-Who. 


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