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Monday, August 18, 2014

Lazy Grunge & MGMT

Registered at school. Again. I somehow feel as if I've been betrayed, knowing I have another year of school left. It's just not fair... 

I wanted to dress up (like really wanted to) since I don't get to too often, but I had stayed up late writing and didn't get enough sleep, so I was too tired to be creative. So I grabbed a few brand new items and vwala.

I adore this Nike sweatshirt. It's fraying in the hems but it's baggy and comfy and has character and history. 
The creepers I was expecting to be wider and thicker, so was a bit disappointed when I got them. But I'm not so much anymore, since I feel like its lack of girth makes them more casual. 

I really, really didn't feel like walking to the shower house and spending a half hour on strategically washing and brushing my curls, so I put it in a bun and pretended it hadn't been days since I'd seen a bar of soap. I promise I still smelled okay, though.
I've wanted these leggings since I was twelve. The mum told me no at the time (and in retrospect, I'm glad she told me no so often, because I was into fashion that was waaaaaaaay beyond my age). But I saw them again and felt rich so I got them. They're very comfy and unique, though it comes to my attention that some black shorts beneath them would be wise, should I continue to wear them like pants. 
Let's just say they're... transparent.

Look! It's the real version of the Planet Express HQ!

Here's a random video DIY on how to turn your tights into a mesh top.

Of late I'm trying to post old music instead of my new. And I've also been working on a particular short-story-going-on-novel which this particular song by MGMT inspired. MGMT is a psychedelic rock duo whose only good song is "Kids," and only about the first three minutes of the song.
Here's "Kids."
(Be for-fucking-warned if you haven't already seen this video.)

Last post until school starts. On Wednesday.

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