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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Green Vintage Scarf & Happier

Bought this green lace vintage scarf online, as always. 

The pants I got from China, a little tighter than intended... let's just say all that glorious behind is outlined in stark relief by my pants. But the coloring is perfect and they're super comfy. 

I was looking for some plain brogues/oxfords that didn't cost more than 15 bucks. So I went with these.

This vintage floral shirt belonged to my mother.  

I felt positively adorable and petite today. 

Here's a video called "Racism In America."

Today's music comes from A Fine Frenzy, 29 year old lone musician Alison Loren Sudol, an alternative music artist. She's also a Goodwill Ambassador for the International Union for Conservation of Nature. She also aspires to be a fantasy adventure writer, which I think is mucho coolio because I too want to be a writer. (Well, among many other things).
Here's "Happier."


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