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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Frills and Skirts & Comes and Goes

I took an ungodly number of pictures because I really like this dress. 

 So now I have late arrival, I can sleep in during the day. If only I lived closer to my school, I could sleep in even later. 
 I originally bid on a vintage floral dress that buttoned up in the front, but some bastard outbid me by 27 bucks. So I got this one as an alternative and I simply love it. It's lucky I'm small, or else this dress would not have fit so snug. 

I felt pretty, so I took a selfie. Also I wanted to show off this fabulous cameo ring I bought.

I keep wearing these creepers because I wuv them. 

My friend stole my electronics and changed all my home screen to this, last week. 

Here's a random scene from Clerks II that makes me happy. 

The song I picked today is by Greg Laswell. 
Laswell is an old guy who started his career late. Okay, not that old, but I'd say 40 is going over the hill. 
Here's "Comes and Goes."


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