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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Velvet, Leather, & Cher

This velvet shirt is so strange for me to own. Over a year ago, I wanted to buy it, and now... well, here it is.

I've wanted to buy this skirt forever. But I get a lot of my best clothes from China, and they're generally smaller people, and while I'm on the petite side, but I'm not that petite. Upon getting the skirt (one size fits all), I found that it didn't hug my waist as closely as I would have liked. I thought it would constrict like a corset, but it's very loose. 
Anyway, the studs really add personality. 
If I looked like I was trying to give a sexy, smoldering look, don't be fooled. I was half-sleep. 

I had another pose going here when I suddenly decided to stretch. 

I really love this velvet shirt, but the back dips a lot. Not that I dislike that. I think it's extremely sexy, but I have really sensitive back skin, so exposing it makes it break out. It's broken out in this picture, but you can't tell because I wash that shit so hard it's a wonder my skin isn't peeling.

 Big girl in a dollhouse world.

A mother's day card, above.

Apropos of deciding on music for an outfit, I wear the outfit and on the way to school I listen to songs which are suitors for the role. On this day I went to work listening to Cher and, well, it just felt apt. This outfit reminds me of an earlier post in which I featured Haim and wore a black romper. 
As a little girl, I adored this song (and Stevie Nick's "Crystal" of course). I remember laying in bed listening to Cher's masculine voice on the radio. I was about 14 before I realized Cher was a woman, and that Cher used to be with Sonny. What can I say? Woman has a deep voice. Between her and Annie Lennox, I'm all confused about gender differentiation. Anyway, after this not-so revelation, I wondered if when Cher wrote this song, she wrote it about her breakup with her husband.
Ah well. Guess it does't matter so much.
Here's "Believe."


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