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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Starbucks Getaway & Bloc Party

Over the summer, I've tried to keep busy. I learned from being homeless last summer that you have to find something to preoccupy yourself. Last summer I had nothing to do besides write (which is why I started this blog in the first place, to add some color to the pallid tedium) and exercise, and I found myself losing my appetite and weight, always lethargic despite oversleeping and daydreaming often.
Ironically, I wore this outfit two months ago to a coffee shop that I'm sitting at today, while finally uploading this picture. It seems fitting.

The outfits from here on are gonna get more grungey. I'm trying to add a 90s flare to my style these days. 

Some pictures for your entertainment

Here's a very... ah, interesting Thai bra commercial.

For music, I went on to someone else's tumblr, like, a year ago and this song was on replay on their site. It's a song by British indie rock band Bloc Party, whose odd vocals somehow grew on me.
Cool thing is, their singer is Jamaican with a Brit-Jamaican accent.  
If you don't like this song, well, it probably doesn't like you.
Here's "Banquet."


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