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Friday, July 25, 2014

Creepers & The National

I really liked this outfit. I've been buying a lot of clothes lately, and it always pains me to do so over the summer because generally, I have no reason to wear those clothes during break. At work, my wacky style just isn't suitable. So I told myself that weekend I'd go out, if only for an excuse to dress up.

I visited some thrift shops and among other things bought two pairs of incredible creepers.
One of the creepers I'm wearing in the picture. They're so new, they had no scuffs and weren't even broken in. The other pair... well, I'm iffy on them. I got them smaller than my size, and they fit okay, but I really, really hope they aren't too tight when I start walking around. It'll just break my heart.

I love creepers because they're heels but without the pain or slow walking. They make you look taller, they make your legs look slender because they're so thick, and they're good for casual and special attire both.

I've been trying to compose casual outfits lately. It seems to me that not all of my outfits are daily-wear worthy, and since I have one year left of high school, I'd better get used to dressing down a bit.
As this is my resolve, I was going for a look that wasn't too dressy. I wanted to wear my cloche hat, but it's made of wool and it was 70 degrees (that's Fahrenheit, people) and way too hot for it. My other summer hat wouldn't have fit the outfit, so I opted for hatless.

I also have decided to try to incorporate more grunge and 90s flare into my outfits. It can be done with some dark bracelets, combat boots, baggy graphic tees or fishnet tights. I know I am the Schizo Chick so my outfits don't need any signature to them, but I feel that my outfits leave something to be desired. Maturity, maybe? Mystery? Emo and grunge can add those vibes. And in any case, I want to get into the habit once school starts up. I mean goodness, I'm a senior. I actually look forward to intimidating the freshmen with my attire.

BTW. Here's another random gif I found and thought was hilarious. I tried to center it but it's designed weird, so...

HAHAHAHA oh my god. Story of my life

More pics. 

The band I'm featuring today is an American indie rock group called The National, who's vocalist (like Beirut) has a non-accent. Here's "Don't Swallow The Cap."


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