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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bohemian & Beirut

I'm sad it took so long to post this outfit. I must have worn it three months ago. That means I have less to say about it. But it got lost in the redderick. 

I love the simplicity of this outfit. I feel like heels would have made it more sophisticated and mature, but on this day I must have felt like COMFORT>STYLE
I remember feeling beautiful and airy on this day. Maybe it was the flowers in my hair. Maybe it was the music. Hell, maybe it was the knowledge school was coming to a close.

Here are some pics.

More magnificent art from DA.

As some of you may have picked up, I'm extremely fond of spoken word, stand up monologues and slam poetry. But not everyone is very good at them. I find the keys to leaving an impression are visualization, sensitive topics, puns and assonance/consonance, rhythm and blunt honesty. 
In her 2013 piece "Shrinking Women," Lily Meyers does this all.
Well, besides the assonance/consonance. 
Enjoy and be methodical.

In the last year, I've become overwhelmingly fond of all things antique and vintage, quasi-ugly, out of date and weathered. And with it, indie and folk music. When I become fascinated with something, I become obsessed. I looked up indie-folk bands some time ago and came across Jose Gonzales and Beirut, among others.
Beirut, the band I'm featuring today, is absolutely phenomenal. With elements of jazz and mariachi and boho, I'm taken aback. They're inspired by Balkan music, it would seem. I would have assumed by his non-accent that the vocalist is French or something, but the band is all american, apparently. Which I find odd because of how different their tunes and instrumentals are. They're so--so cultured, so foreign that I expected something very different from what I got. I learned the name Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. Fun fact, I guess.
Enjoy Beirut's "Guymas Sonora."

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