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Monday, July 28, 2014

Bearpaw & Creedence Clearwater Revival

Went to my town's annual Bear Paw festival with my two (arguably) best friends.
Anyway. This outfit was meant to be very casual, slightly grunge with a feminine flare. It needed to be suitable for going on rides and having fun but not so casual I'd look like everyone else.

Currently obsessed with 90s fashion trends at the moment. If I had to timeline my clothing obsessions, it'd go something like this: EMO/PUNK(2008-2010)-->SCENE/GOTH/COSPLAY(2010-2011)-->STEAMPUNK/GOGO(2011-2012)--> VINTAGE/CHIC/ECLECTIC/(2012)-->60s/HIPPIE/BOHO/INDIE(2013)-->90s GRUNGE/RETRO/HIPSTER/GREASER(2014). 
I only count certain styles in my timeline if I constantly googled them and bought 50+ dollars worth of clothes based on the style. And of late, I've gone crazy on grunge/retro clothes. My mum keeps saying "I think you have enough clothes" but she doesn't realize my goal is to have enough that way I can dig in my closet and grab something I forgot I had, like I'm in a clothing store, only I'll own everything in it.

I figured I'd get a close up of my bracelets. 

And this really cool video I found a few years ago. 

And the main attraction.
I chose Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen Rain?" because I feel like oldies and classics. So there you have it.


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