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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Indie Dress & Walking On Sunshine

I always forget how much I love this boho-indie dress until I wear it again. It fetched me a lot of compliments too. I'm not sure if it was right to couple a hippie dress with a 20s bowler hat.

Looking at this makes me want to work out. 
It's not the pizza I just ate. No no, really. <.<

I get the feeling I've posted this already. But it's as adorable now as it was then.

Naturally I'd give you a history on the band, or fun facts or something. But since I don't feel like posting anyway today and am doing so merely out of value for consistency, all you get is a song you already know and no new news about it.
Here's "Walking On Sunshine," by Katrina & The Waves. 



  1. So cute! That dress looks great on you.

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment :D Sorry I didn't answer sooner, blogger doesn't let me know when I get comments.


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