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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tumblr Girl & Northern Downpour

A long time ago, before I began this blog, my guy friends in my AK studies class told me I dressed like a Tumblr girl. Being utterly uninterested in social media sites beyond facebook, I had no idea what that meant. They couldn't explain it either. At the time, I thought the comparison was vaguely insulting because I equated Tumblr to online in general, and online girls tend to follow a particular pattern of dressing that I disapprove of--a distinct lack of clothes. But now I know how "Tumblr girls" dress and have even gained lots of ideas from the pop culture.

I'm very happy with this outfit and will wear it again, no doubt. 

Pics that make me happy!

I miss Johnny Bravo...

I found this amazing sketch on DA.

I have a funny video to share. It's an Old Spice commercial, only it's called Old Christ.
Don't judge me, that was funny. 

At a talent show last year I heard a girl cover a song by Panic! At the Disco, "Northern Downpour." Since it's raining today, that song seems especially appropriate. As of late, I haven't been interested in blogging. I've been buying new clothes and putting outfits together, but I just feel like sleeping, coffee shops, wool socks and writing. Normally I love blogging for the simple reason that I can say anything I want--or need--and since people in my life aren't interested in my blog, it's perfectly safe. 
This is one of those songs I like to pantomime guitar with. Maybe by this time next year, I'll have my motorcycle license, a guitar, and be able to cover this song myself.

Farewell now. I need to refill my coffee cup. 

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