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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Respectable Hipster & The Kinks

I originally wanted to wear a pinstriped shirt, but it was lost at the bottom of my drawer, unbeknownst to yours truly.
I skipped 3 classes that day to finish writing my short story Smith Mountain Lake. I was so tired I was typing sideways by the time I put in the finishing period.
I guess I should say I felt very skinny and tall. Wearing heels does that to me. I mean, I felt like a bean pole and awkward in my heels, just because I'm used to converse and being short.

Of course it does. Look at me. 
I'm a guiltless coffee addict. 

I've neglected to post extra videos for a while, so I thought I'd include a funny little something from youtube below. 

The Twilight ones are the best. You should definitely check them out.

As you know, I became obsessed with Supernatural at the beginning of 2014 as I watched all 9 seasons. One of the episodes, I believe in season 4, was one of my favorites, in which a certain song was played. The Kinks is a 60s English rock band that played a huge role in the British Media Invasion of the U.S. The song I've featured today is one of my favorites, which I hope one day to play on guitar. Plus, they sound magnificent live.
Here's "Well Respected Man," by The Kinks. 
I just had this instant desire to sign From Paris, With Love. Don't ask me why.
That was a really good movie. Anything with Travolta in it is good.


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