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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Organic & Marjorie Fair

This was a lazy day outfit. I hadn't worn this skirt in years, so I decided to try it out. 
Wearing this blouse made me think of those suede 60s vests everyone wore. I was going to buy one, but they're all REALLY expensive.
The eyelet tank had frills and other crap which I cut off into the wee hours of the morning.
Brown boots would have been more effective...

Here's a neat video/Dove commercial I found. I like it because it supports my 'less is more' personal campaign about cosmetics.

The music I chose today, I've been dying to show you for months. I just needed to couple it with the right outfit. The first time I heard it was at age 12, in a fan video for Twilight. Confession; I read it when I was eleven, since everyone at school was raving about it and the book was in the lost in found. And they were among the first serious novels I'd ever read (serious as in more than 200 pages and not a class assignment). Junie B. Jones and Jerry Spinelli don't count. It got me into reading for real. At the time, I loved it, though even then I believed some of the story was badly written and dragged at times. As I got older and read more books, I decided no, I didn't like Twilight because I had something to compare it to. I mean come on, Harry Potter or Twilight? Do you really have to think about this? But I bought the god damn books, so I haven't gotten rid of them yet. I use them as a guide on what not to do in a story. I've also found that authors like Meyer who went to Bingham Young University are shit writers because they can't put religion on the shelf long enough to write a decent manuscript. Not that Meyer is all bad--she wrote The Host, and that was a fantastic book. And she made millions of girls fall in love with her stories, so there's that. And all these years later, I will admit I don't hate Twilight. Yeah, the movies sucked monkey balls (terrible acting, terrible directing, terrible plot, terrible effects, just terrible) but the stories are compelling in some way. They're repelling in many more ways, but there really is something about the books that I like. Not sure what. Maybe it's just the old nostalgic feelings I had toward them talking. Can't be sure. All in all, I don't regret reading them. I actually wish she'd publish The Seeker and The Soul already.
Marjorie Fair, "Empty Room."

I actually saw the Twilight fan video while I was looking for this one. Can't believe it still exists.

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