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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Long Johns & Open Your Eyes

Another hiatus for Schizo Chick.
I took on that temp job as a camp counselor for a week, and was AWOL as a result, stranded in the wilds of Wasilla and cut off from the world. I got very tan, my skin broke out a bit, and got back in shape from all the walking (and picking up littles, because I tell you, I am sore). I'm very proud that I woke up every day without fail, though my excessive coffee intake may be to thank for that. But I have few complaints about my co-counselor; not that they matter, since I'll never have to see her again. I had plenty of friends to rely on, and I'm still pretty pooped, but didn't get as attached to my girls like last year. Didn't shed even a tear. It wasn't as enjoyable as last year in some ways and yet was much better in others. But all in all, I'm glad I took the job. It was my last time. Next summer I'm off to boot camp.
But here I am, back to blogging. 
I didn't get as much pleasure wearing this as I do seeing it now. Particularly because the leggings are actually long Johns and have awkward crotch seams. Also because my socks weren't exactly of the fashionable variety. But this is a simple, comfy outfit that anyone can pull off. It takes little thought and less talent to put together an outfit like this.
Reminder: all the outfits I've posted in the past month were worn during school, and because I don't post my outfits daily (even though I take pictures of them daily) that delays the time frame. I probably wore this outfit at the end of April. If I count correctly, I have to post at least fifteen more outfits before I'm all caught up... at which time I'll likely be starting school again.

Because I have so much free time these days, I've been buying more clothes (as if I need them) reading, writing and lots, lots of television watching. Now that Hannibal, Teen Wolf and Supernatural are caught up, I'm thinking of American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon a Time. I can't do Star Trek or Doctor Who since there's too much to catch up on, and I saw about half of the Red Dragon before realizing that I hated Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal. But luckily all sorts of amazing movies have come out.
The Fault In Our Stars, HTTYD2, and Edge of Tomorrow are crossed off my list now. FIOS was as good as the book (maybe better) and Edge of Tomorrow was different from the book but no less amazing. HTTYD2 wasn't as good as the first one, but I appreciate the movie nevertheless and don't regret the six dollars. Now I'm gonna work on 22 Jump Street and Maleficent, which I heard were fantastic movies. 
For books, I've been reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. It's surprising how much I enjoy Leviathan, considering how disappointed I was in Uglies (the book was just poorly written). Leviathan is very good. I look forward to Behemoth.
The final installment in The Mortal Instruments is out and I'm on back order for that one D: But it gives me time to finish reading Jennifer Government. Thus far my summer has been acceptable (I mean, I haven't got my license yet, bought a house, nor a motorcycle, nor gone to Scottland on Vaycay) but it has been a major improvement from last summer. 

And some more pictures for the fans.
I used to love The Proud Family growing up.

I'd very much like to post an interesting video. Looking through my youtube likes, I found a cool hair tutorial which teaches you how to put your hair up in an elegant Gibson roll style bun. 

I'm strictly averse to posting sad, methodical, or depressing music. I want to move people, 
but I don't want to depress them. And believe me, guys, I have so much sad or quasi-sad music. You wouldn't think so, but Lord knows I do. But I think I've neglected the older artists in my repertoire, such as Snow Patrol. Because my loyalty to Snow Patrol is being so neglected, here's a song by Snow Patrol that is not particularly happy.

My favorite line is "Take my hand/knot your fingers through mine/and we'll walk from this dark room/for the last time."

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