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Friday, June 6, 2014

Haste Makes Waist & Soul Meets Body

Okay okay, so the title was cheesy. But I was making a pun. I woke up late for school that day dragged some clothes on. I put on the shirt before realizing I couldn't just wear a crop top and any old pair of jeans, then grabbed some shorts and tights and was out the door in five minutes. Boom. I'm a fuckin' pro at punctuality.

I only took this picture because I had nothing to do over lunch, wasn't hungry, so I just snuck into the bathroom and snapped some selfies. Normally there would be ten other girls in there sprucing in the mirror, but the senior girls had graduated by then and thus the bathroom was vacant. Not that that matters so much, because this years seniors didn't know how to be seniors. Here in the north, a senior is defined by bringing toasters and boom boxes to school, being extremely loud and obnoxious, being slackers, having cars, being muscular or glamorous, and using condoms as balloons. Can't speak for the south. But this year, these seniors were just assholes. They weren't very obnoxious or vocal or outspoken or cool. I didn't experience any rudeness at their hands, but I heard a lot of things.

At some point we had an assembly and the seniors did a skit about various people at the school.
And dude? The skit was bullying big time. The best way I can explain it is that the students on government must have made a list of all the girls they didn't like, brainstormed a chart of the stupid, slutty or notably negative attributes about those girls, and then made a play about it. I didn't understand it well until my friends pointed out what various parts and phrases meant, since I'm really not in the know (no pinterest or tumblr or twitter to speak of, poor me) but when I did get it, it made perfect sense and I was appalled. 
For example, there's a girl at my school named Kelcie who wears a particular outfit a lot and was well known for being controlling over her boyfriend Garret for years before they broke up. In the play there was a girl wearing a strikingly similar outfit, and had a leash on one of the guys in the play. That had to be humiliating for Garret. 
There was a part where they were insulting a girl named Anna because of her sexual proclivities, and made fun of the selfies in her locker and called her an "ANNAmal" and said she was "thirsty" (which I now know means cock thirsty). I mean, what the hell? Maybe the girl really likes those damn selfies. Why do they give two shits? And she may ho-hop around, but why would you make a play on it? Another one was where they had a girl in the play act out someone named Kailey. They got all of Kailey's ex boyfriends together for the play and basically made a show of calling her a whore. I can't believe her ex boyfriends would agree to that, no matter how sour the relationship went. 
They also used a lot of buzz words so the teachers watching wouldn't understand it. I mean, I don't know these girls too personally, and maybe they really deserved to be insulted so publicly. But who has the right to judge that? And what makes the people in the play any better than these girls? And let's not forget that plays like this are precisely what make people commit suicide. It's wrong and made me seriously dislike this year's senior government. That play made me angry for hours after it. God, it rankles me just thinking about it.
My school is very tame. We don't have cliques, mostly just groups of friends. A lot of burnouts hang together, athletes to athletes, nerds to nerds and sluts to sluts, but they intermingle a lot. There are no "populars", precisely. There are just really well known people, I guess you'd consider them popular. But for the first time in three years, I viewed my school differently. Not just because of the asshole seniors who put the play together, but because of the audience... most of whom condoned it. Cheered for it.
Sometimes I really wonder what's wrong with people.

Ahem-hem-hem. Rant over. Let's see some pics.
I love this pic so much. 

Sometimes this quote really gets to me. 

As a reward for my ramblings, here's a video I remember seeing on Ice Age special features when I was a kid. It's a 1998 Oscar-winning animated short story video project by Chris Wedge. Enjoy.

I've featured Death Cab before, but they have so many good songs.
This may not make sense to some, but a few years ago I used to be a really angry person. Back then, my favorite bands were Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Green Day, etc. Generally angry bands. I would have told you my fave music is punk and acid rock. And all these years later, I've noticed my favorite bands have changed; now I love Death Cab, Tears for Fears, Cheap Trick (OH MY GOD CHEAP TRICK) and Sufjan Stevens, among many. I can tell you now that I'm very partial to indie, folk and acoustics, a much gentler genre. I feel like my taste in music reflects that change, because it's no coincidence that my style of music has changed as well as my emotions settling like flotsam and silt in a finally calm pond. I mean don't get me wrong, I still love hard core music, but indie folk and New Age sure calms the soul.
Well. Like I said, some may not see the link. 
Here's "Soul Meets Body," by Death Cab for Cutie. 


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