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Monday, June 2, 2014

Dicey & Natalie Cole

I was given this dress from a friend, a size too big for me, but it works okay. A size small would have been better.

I got so carried away today with pictures. I just felt sooooo pretty.

I actually wore this dress for a job interview. 
I got the job. 'Nuff said.

The above two pictures are very similar, but I liked them both so I kept them. My newest friend (who is an absolute punk-emo burnout but is the sweetest, cutest girl you'll ever meet) Skyleigh told me I looked great in the pics, so that just stroked my ego more... I think I've only met two burnout/emo/goth/ or punks who are actually, genuinely sweet. The other was Joanna, a girl I no longer see around, but she was so caring. I remember one time I got a test back and my teacher had graded it harshly and refused to let me retake it, (and I was having a bad day) and for a split second I wanted to cry, and Joanna comforted me. I didn't really need it, but it was so thoughtful and empathetic of her.

I'm sure Bob Marley never said this, but I like the quote all the same.

The musician I'm featuring today I first heard on The Parent Trap (which is an adorable movie). She is now 64 years old, having had her debut in the 1970s with three songs, including "This Will Be." Here's Natalie Cole. 


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