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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blood Bank & A Walk Through Hell

Here's an an AK blood bank tee shirt I cropped and cut to pimp it out a little more. 

I find it ironic that these shorts used to be my very favorite and a bit tight around the thighs, and now they're loose. I mean, more loose. They never did fit my bum right. 
I'm not sure what the hell this pose was, but I'm keeping it.

That day, I had a long talk with Mike, my crush. It was extremely uneventful, besides talking about music, future plans, and watching swimmers splash around. I'm not one to flail to make conversation. I know other people don't like awkward silences, but I don't mind them, and I refuse to stress myself searching for a conversation filler. So when we had that "long talk", we actually didn't say much.  (I just say long talk because we were together for a while.) I restarted our conversation a few times, but to little avail. And when we parted ways, I was braced for sadness to hit me, but I suppressed it, and so later I was able to think about it objectively. And I think that conversation and lack thereof dented my feelings for him. It made me realize we had nothing in common, I knew too little about him, I wasn't his type, and we live in two different worlds that are not compatible. And I could see the future, briefly, see that he regarded me so minimally that next school year, we'd smile at each other in the hall and after a few weeks, we wouldn't even do that. It doesn't make him an ass or make me mad at him; I'm thankful for that epiphany, because compatibility is important to me, and as is reciprocation of emotions. And if his world is too different to coalesce with my own, and he doesn't have any feelings for me at all (not even enough to be my friend) then there's no sense in mooning over him anymore. Like I said, I'm thankful. I hate mooning.
Here's today's pics.

I love the pictures I post. That's why I post them. Hope you can appreciate that. 

Today's band is one that I swear to god makes their albums out of an apartment flat's bathroom. I dunno, the sound just isn't ever very crisp. The first song I heard from them, like most songs, years and years ago and I've liked the band ever since. They remind me of Ludo in a way. Here's Say Anything, "A Walk Through Hell."

This song makes me think, for some reason, of packing a bag and hitching the last train to skip town. Makes me think of scuffed tennies and holding your thumb out and taking the long roads.

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