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Thursday, May 15, 2014

White Skirt & You Me At 6

I didn't like this outfit when I first designed it, but I daresay that in retrospect, it isn't so bad.
Jesus. My legs are like popsicle sticks. Can you believe my mom told me my whole life I was chubby?

I think the converse really complete this outfit. Combat boots can adorn any style, but converse add a certain tomcatness to all feminine attire. (tomcat=tomboy)

Photographers being derps. 

I love this quote because it's so true. Despite being of the Jewish faith, I believe no religion is wrong. It's all about doing the right thing.

Two batman allusions in one day. 

Mammatus cloud formation that's been showing up. Scientists would try to have you believe these have been around for centuries, but it's a lie. They're extremely new. My mother believes them to be products from the HAARP project (my mom's a conspiracy theorist. I'm not saying she's wrong or that I don't believe her, just that in the strictest sense, it's what she is). 

Someone on facebook said that if you read it backwards, it looks like a divorce rather than marriage.
I think that person was an idiot. It just looks like a backward story.

Here's a band that's quickly going mainstream, but who cares? They're awesome. The general public isn't always wrong. Anyway, I was surfing on the youtubesphere when I found You Me At Six, a British rock band who had me at "Underdog," but today I'm featuring one of their more popular songs, "Loverboy." Enjoy. 

Don't worry. Much more interesting posts are on the way.

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