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Friday, May 2, 2014

Chain Mail & Sweater Weather

What I absolutely adore about this Forever21 sweater is how it looks like there's chain mail woven into the cashmere. But really it's just a goldenrod-metallic coloring over twine which is precariously crocheted into the sweater. I'm hard-pressed not to tear it up when I'm trying to pull the sweater over my head, like the hulk in pretty much every Hulk movie. 

I only learned about Omegle pretty recently (maybe going on 2 years now?) and sometimes it can be the most funny website ever. The picture above rests my case. 

I also learned recently that I'm very supported of the homo-bi-trans community, even though I'm very religious and don't strictly approve of their sexual orientation. I think it's the part about liberty, even for them, that makes me empathize. 

I LOLd myself into stitches with this one. 

I know The Neighborhood is pretty mainstream, given that they're heard on the radio almost every day, but I really don't care.
Here's "Sweater Weather."

Watch out guys. Very soon I'm gonna start featuring Sweet and Cheap Trick.

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