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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Brogues & Foster the People

My ROTC shoes are the highlight of this post. I really would like to buy some proper brogues, but every time I'm about to I wonder to myself, Isn't 20 pairs of shoes enough?
This scarf is simply brilliant. My brother's ex girlfriend left it at my house a couple years ago and I "forgot" to give the scarf back. The material is majestic.

The thing that sucks about crop tops for me is that I have a severe bloating problem. I eat a sandwich and have a glass of water and I put on ten pounds. I put a lot away as it is, but it's so annoying. God forbid I go to a buffet. I get stuffed after a half a plate and I'm bloated for hours yet hungry again by the end of the day. 

My continuation of random images

Hells to the yes

My PC crashes a lot, so I often feel this way.

I'd give an intro for Foster the People, but who hasn't heard of Foster the People? Here's "Love" by FtP. Enjoy.


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