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Friday, May 30, 2014

Bloodred & Still Alive

I don't know about this outfit. I had bought this amazing tank from a garage sale over three years ago and never wore it once, and hadn't worn these leggings in over a year, so I put them together and am trying to pass it for an outfit. Awesome+awesome=awesome, right?
Didn't know what to do for shoes. I think I'll start taking a leaf out of other fashion blogger's books and cropping out my feet when I wear shoes that don't compliment the outfit. 

Daily photo feed:

I love this little campaign. I imagine someone overly serious in the ad, if there was one.
Not entirely true. There are shortcuts to making money; you could mug someone. Am I right?

Here's a song I adore so very much, or at least I did years ago when I first found it. Not entirely sure why. Anyway, it's by Swedish pop artist Lisa Miskovisky, who by the way speaks astounding English and doesn't even have an accent, at least not in this song, and not that I can tell. I found the song back when I was in middle school, when I first got into a game called Mirror's Edge. The game itself is first person from the POV of a Japanese female character named Faith, and you are what they call a "runner," a courier who runs through rooftops and forbidden facilities to steal information and get it to your allies, who are part of an organization trying to undermine the new communistic society/government running the country. The game takes some cognitive thought (almost like Portal), some gaming dexterity, and a lot of patience/practice. It's very addictive and realistic, what with sometimes falling off rooftops, getting hit by trains, and/but not limited to being chased and shot. Just for the hell of it, here's the video game's launch trailer.

Like I said, lots of fun. I think the only games I played nonstop were this, Sims2, The Godfather, Bully, Left for Dead, Halo, Unreal Tournament, and Assassin's Creed. Not counting PC games. 
And now the actual song, "Still Alive," by Lisa Miskovisky.


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