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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Black Attack & Is This Real?

Them kitten tights. Just adorable, I say.

I think it's arrogant for someone to call themselves sexy, but when I saw this after I took it, I thought I looked pretty damn sexy, myself.

Today's findings: 

D'aw, stahp, yer makin' meh squishy inside.
That is so remarkably cute.
The title of my autobiography: Getting comfy in bed and realizing I have to pee/the light is still on.

I recently saw Breakfast at Tiffanies. I actually got it mixed up with Sunday's at Tiffanies, but that's okay. It has Audrey Hepburn as a frilly, blonde, talkative, shallow woman. I really didn't like her at first, I'm not sure why I kept watching, but toward the end I was really happy she got with the guy. And she went back to get the cat, too. Goodness, I was upset about that cat. 
I also finished reading the Time Travler's Wife and Into the Wild, both of which were really good. I honestly don't do romances, so the Time Travler's Wife was a pleasant surprise. I really loved it by page thirty, and I thought Henry and Clare were adorable as a couple, which is cool because reading the Notebook made me hate everyone who likes that story (honestly, I had the Notebook figured out by page 3). Anyway, it was a sad ending, and for some reason reminded me of reading Water for Elephants, before that was a movie--the book is much better than the movie, I maintain, but the movie of WfE was great too. I think the TTW reminded me of WfE because both are female authors who write like men. Men write brusquely and aren't afraid to say things as they are (e.g., arcing piss, hairy buttocks, pinched nipples, hawked and spat). Women are very delicate in their writing. 
And Into the Wild was a pretty cool book. It was done well. Being a resident of Alaska, I see where people think he's a derp, but I don't think so. I relate to him, but don't approve of everything he did. I'm Switzerland on the subject of Chris McCandless.
Anyway, I'll shut my cake hole. Here's a very sexy, slow, dirty song by Lisa Hall, which I remember hearing on Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock when I was six. I was utterly obsessed with that movie back then.
Here's "Is This Real?"



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